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David De Souza

Environmental - Agro Entrepreneur


Hello, this is how I would like to introduce myself to you. My professional journey began way back in 1995, from a part-time bartender cum cashier to the youngest branch head of the bank at the age of 23 to the founder of several projects. Now at the age of 45, I can say it’s just the beginning…….

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My story
  • 28 years of experience with Agro-enterprise/Used-water treatments / Hospitality / Banking / Finance / FMCG / & Media industry spanning across various parts of India and Europe.
  • Experience includes setting up new brands and businesses in a fiercely competitive market from hardcore Sales {both concept and product selling} to business operations, Business Management, and Team building/management.
  • Achieving Business profitability and reaching the target assigned.
  • Business development, Project Planning & Implementation.
  • Lead, Follow, or get out of the way. Principle of Life
  • Address: Goa With Earth, Seminary Of Our Lady, Saligao-Pilerne, Saligao, Bardez, Goa – 403 511
  • Phone: +91 8308260500
  • Email:


Working with


What I Do

 Failing to plan is planning to fail, hence a thoughtful and methodical approach with all the data used to achieve the given task or project.


Making the product and concept known in the most unique and productive ways.

Sales Strategies – Product and Concept.

My mantra: Sales Brings money so focus on how to bring in volumes for sales to get more money in the system.


Fresh ideas keep the business exciting and accelerating. A simple yet effective way of working. I believe AI will never ever be able to outsmart common sense

Business Development Planning

Come Up with a Game Idea. An idea is the first thing that comes to mind when a game is being described before creation.

Launch pad

Just the way Ideas are unique, bringing them to light in a unique way is equally important and exciting.


  • Amazing Indian Award

    Nominated for Amazing Indian Award by Times Now.

  • Indian Achievers Award

    Conferred with ‘Indian Achievers Award” for ‘Promising start-up in the Agriculture sector with USP of Innovation.

  • Nominated for International Water Association Award for 2019 at Colombo for Best Practice in saving water.

  • Smart Fifty

    Selected among the top 3000 for the ‘Smart Fifty’ entrepreneur organized by IIM Calcutta with NDTV out of more than 50,000 participants.

  • Energizing Bharat Award

    Nominated for ‘Energising Bharat Award’ by BPCL of India.

  • National Record

    National Record holder for creating the first Blood Donor Directory one of its kind in India and first from Goa- ‘Limca Book of Record 2013’


    Saved More than 2 dozen lives through the mobile app ‘PANIC BUTTON BLOOD’.

  • Authored a Book
    ‘Fake: ologies Busted- Rewind to Unwind’ Available on Amazon


Studied at

Honed skill sets

  • 95%
    Corporate Trainer of GE-Capital

    Telephone etiquettes and voice modulation – Hyderabad for GE, Capitals International Services

  • 80%
    Corporate Trainer for UB Group

    Decision Making, Communication Skills, and Leadership Quality –Mumbai - UB Group.

  • 85%
    Corporate Trainer for UB Group

    Knowing oneself for better productivity and various style of working- Mumbai - UB Group.

  • 90%
    Team Builder for Allianz Bajaj

    Team Building, Product positioning training. Mumbai and Pune- Allianz Bajaj

  • 95%
    Team Building for Allianz Bajaj

    Team Building, Product positioning training. Mumbai and Pune- Allianz Bajaj

  • 90%
    Program Trainer - ICICI Bank

    FIVE S program- Goa - ICICI Bank

  • 90%
    Sales and Customer Support Executive

    Various Sales and Customer Techniques - Mumbai - Centurion Bank of Punjab.

Language Skills

Reading and writing
  • English

    It's my thinking language, So m very comfortable communicating verbally and any form of written communication. 

  • Hindi

    I grew up in North India which makes my national language my second-best language for any form of communication.

  • Punjabi

    As I was studying and growing up in another amazing state of India, I developed a liking and command of this language with reading, writing, and communication abilities.

  • Konkani

    It's my mother tongue and therefore thanks to my mother I learned t read, write and speak this language.

  • Marathi

    being multi-lingual I developed a liking and understanding of several other languages, but in Marathi, I can read and  have a fairly decent level of verbal communication skills



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    David De Souza
    Co-Founder and COO for ‘Goa with Earth’
    • Goa with Earth,
    • Seminary Of Our Lady,
    • Saligao – Pilerne, Saligao,
    • Bardez, Goa – 403 511
    • email:
    • +91 8308260500
    David DeSouza